Thursday, January 19, 2012

QlikView Designer Quick Tips

Here are my favorite QlikView designer tips.  These are just some quick tips and shortcuts.  Most of them are common knowledge.  Maybe there are a few that you might have forgotten about or maybe a few are genuinely new to you.  Feel free to add your own tips.  We could all use them!

Pixel by Pixel Movement – Everybody knows how difficult it is to get the alignment of objects exactly right.  To move an object a pixel at a time, select it and then hold down ctrl while using your arrow keys.

10 Pixel Movement – Hold down ctrl + shift while using your arrow keys to move an object 10 pixels at a time.  Using the ctrl and ctrl + shift techniques give you very flexible yet precise movement.  Try using these after you have zoomed in 200%.  Now you are cooking with grease!

Move Locked Objects – What a pain.  You just finished locking down all your objects by unchecking Allow Move/Size and the boss wants you to change the layout.  Just leave the items locked.  Hold down the alt key and you can freely drag and size objects.

Expression Overview – Go to Settings --> Expression Overview to access all the calculations in your app.  The great thing about this is if you have many expressions that need to be slightly changed in the same way, you can use Find/Replace to locate the part to be changed and replace all of them in one step.  That beats searching every object in every tab to make your changes.

Move Chart Parts – Use Ctrl-Shift when selecting an object to engage the separate parts of a chart.  This allows you to move and resize the legend, axes and chart titles with ease.

Document Properties – Settings --> Document Properties are very valuable, especially if you hid a sheet that you later need to access.  Find all your sheets and access their properties on the Sheets tab.  The General tab houses the styling options and the Triggers tab gives allows you to trigger actions based on many different events.

Double Click Columns – Just like in MS Excel, you can double click a column edge to have it automatically fit your heading and data.  You can also right click and select Fit Columns to Data.

Cool Shortcuts:
Table Viewer
Script Editor
Document Settings
Variable Overview
Ctrl-O / Ctrl-C / Ctrl-X / Ctrl-V / Ctrl-Z / Ctrl-S
If you aren’t aware of open / copy / cut / paste / undo / save, you are in the wrong business.

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