Monday, May 12, 2014

A Review - QlikView 11 for Developers


I am asked frequently if there is a book I would recommend to help a beginner better learn QlikView.  Up until the last year or so, that was a difficult question to answer because there definitely was a void in this area.  But recently I have been recommending a guide that fills this void quite nicely.

QlikView 11 for Developers is written by Miguel Garcia and Barry Harmsen.  Both are notable (dare I say famous) BI consultants that have been in the QV space for many years.  The book weighs in at 534 pages.

We follow the case of HighCloud Airlines throughout the text.  Users are also encouraged to download the example material so we can also develop the solution alongside the text. 

The chapters are arranged just as we would normally develop a Proof of Concept (POC) so the rhythm is natural and iterative in approach.  This allows Miguel and Barry to cover a broad range of topics ranging from data modelling down to the Class function and every topic in-between.  This does mean that the guide is not necessarily organized in a formal way like a reference manual or “encyclopedia”.  But by following the case of HighCloud Airlines in a natural progression, it makes the material more readable and realistic.  The back-end index will help anybody who wants to reference a specific topic.
I read it a little bit ago and put it away and found myself digging it back out on multiple occasions, so now I just keep it near my workstation in case I need to reference something.

Although QlikView is relatively easy to learn compared with other BI tools, it is still hard!  And because it is constantly evolving, ongoing training is also necessary.  A book like this was long overdue.

I think QlikView 11 for Developers is a must have for any serious developer.  Even an old pro will pick up a few tips and be able to refer to it as a reference (I know I have).  And for those of us just starting out in the QlikView world, this will be a handy way to jumpstart the process.  It can be picked up from Amazon .

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