Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where was that article I read about the ColorMix function?
A great resource was put up by Steve Dark of Quick Intelligence fame.  AskQV aggregates curated QlikView blog articles into a single location. 

Why would you want this, you might ask?  I, myself, already include most of these in my RSS reader.  But this site is cool because you can search the blog rolls for specific topics like “Set Analysis” for example or “Incremental Load”.  Are the wheels turning yet?

The site also functions as a news feed and will give you the latest articles form the curated blog collection.

Finally, it will also give you contact information (Twitter, QV Community and LinkedIn) for each author.
So check it out.  I think it is a worthwhile tool to help consolidate my "technical notes".  I will never again have to ask “Now, where was that article I read about the colormix function?”

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